One million civil-union (PACS) partners in January 2010

Emma Davie, division Enquêtes et études démographiques, Insee

One million residents of metropolitan France (mainland + Corsica) were living in civil unions (PACSs) at 1 January 2010. Despite a steep rise in the past ten years, the number of persons in this category remains small by comparison with the number of married persons or consensual-union partners. For instance, 3% of people aged 18-39 were living in civil unions in early 2009. Six percent of people living in civil unions had a same-sex partner in early 2009; in this category, two-thirds were men. One-half of PACS partners aged 18-39 were living without children, versus only 15% of married persons. A mere 2% of civil unions involved partners of different nationalities, versus 10% of married couples. Civil-union partners are more likely to belong to higher social categories: 26% were management-level workers, versus 15% of married persons. Their education level is also higher. Civil unions comprise a greater proportion of partners from the same social category than married couples. Civil unions are evenly distributed across France. However, the proportion is highest in south-west France and lowest in Corsica.

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Paru le : 08/02/2011