Growth of extranets and corporate websites

Bruno Mura, direction régionale de Midi-Pyrénées, Insee

Of French-based firms with at least ten employees, 58% have websites compared with an average 69% in the European Union. By contrast, they lead the EU for extranets, at 35% versus 21%. In early 2010, fewer than one-quarter of firms located in France had implemented a security policy for information and communication technologies (ICTs). Two-thirds of this group used off-site data back-up procedures. In 2009, 14% of French-based firms made electronic sales, for a total equal to 13% of sales by firms with at least ten employees. Twenty-six percent placed electronic orders for a total equal to 13% of purchases. Even as e-purchases and e-sales are growing, the proportion of firms using this transaction medium remains virtually stable.

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Paru le : 01/06/2011