Downturn in the market-services sector in 2009

Marie Élisabeth Hassan, division Services, Insee

Business in France's market-services sector fell 2.1% in real terms in 2009, contributing to the total economic downswing. In 2008, worsening economic conditions dampened the uptrend in most service activities, but the total sector still managed to post 0.9% growth. In 2009, most activities registered a downturn, even the earlier drivers of market-service growth such as information technology and engineering. Of the traditional service-sector “engines”, telecommunications only succeeded in maintaining a steady production volume. The hardest-hit activity was temporary work, down 24.2%. The overall business decline impacted employment, which lost 2.7%. It reflected a sharp contraction in investment, down 6.1%.

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Paru le : 29/06/2010