2009 general-government accounts

Alexandre Bourgeois, Brigitte Poiblanc, Nicolas Hengy et Charles Pilarski, direction générale du Trésor, Anne Uteza, direction générale des Finances publiques, Denis Boisnault, département des Comptes nationaux, Insee

In 2009, France posted a public deficit of €143.8 billion, or 7.1% of GDP. During this recession year, it rose €79.1 billion, driven by the steep fall in public revenues and the continued increase in public spending. Specifically, the deficits that widened were those of central government and social-security agencies. The ratio of compulsory contributions to GDP eased 1.3 points from 42.9% to 41.6%, owing to the sharp drop in tax receipts. By contrast, the ratio of public spending to GDP gained 3.2 points from 52.8% to 56.0%. The public-debt burden rose 10.6 points to 78.1% of GDP.

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