The professions between 1999 and 2007: more women in higher-skilled jobs

Louis Meuric et Romain Warnan, division Emploi, Insee

In 2007, 58.1% of French women aged 15-64 were working. Their employment rate has increased 4.3 points since 1999. Their average education level has risen since 1999, and they are now more likely to be in positions of responsibility. The self-employed are hurt by the concentration of business firms and retail outlets, and their share of total employment is shrinking steadily. The workplace is becoming more standardized and computerized in every field. As a result, the proportion of managers and intermediate occupations in total paid employment is rising, whereas that of supervisors, clerical workers, and manual workers (skilled or unskilled) is falling. The trend is more pronounced in the public sector. In the private sector, clerical workers are becoming more versatile. Population ageing is stimulating job growth in healthcare and social work. This development is creating greater opportunities for nurses, physical therapists, caregivers, and paramedics than for doctors and pharmacists.

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No 1376
Paru le : 21/10/2011