Personal services – More demand in rural zones with older populations

Yohan Baillieul, Gaëlle Chaillot, Pôle Emploi-Population, Insee, Isabelle Benoteau, Dares

En 2010, 1.8 million employees, excluding childminders, worked in the homes of private individuals providing personal services. They represent almost 5% of the employees in France and are in greater demand in the South-West, in rural zones where the population is older and in those where the proportion of managerial staff is higher. 90% of the employees working in personal services are women; 24% are over 55 years old. Almost one employee in three also works outside the personal services sector. The small number of hours worked for private individuals encourages them to have several employers at the same time, usually close to each other: one third of the employees of private individuals reside in the same municipality as their employer(s).

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Paru le : 30/07/2013