Market services in 2010: return to growth

Marie Élisabeth Hassan, division Services, Insee

France's market services enjoyed a recovery in 2010. The base-2005 provisional accounts show 2.3% real (i.e., inflation-adjusted) growth, wiping out the previous year's 2.2% recession. Most service categories recovered, in contrast to 2009, when nearly all of them experienced a downturn. The three pillars of service-sector growth-telecommunications, information-technology services, and real-estate rental-were less affected by the crisis. Total employment, down 3.0% in 2009, rebounded 2.2% in 2010, returning to its 2007 level. Market-service activity is driven by corporate demand, up 3.0%. Final consumption of market services by households rose 1.2%. The market-services trade balance, in the red since 2006, posted a €3.4-billion deficit in 2010.

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Paru le : 02/09/2011