Wholesale/retail trade in 2010 - A recovery with contrasts

Philippe Bourieau, Karine Diard, Laure Genebes, Stéphanie Lemerle, Christèle Rannou-Heim, division Commerce, Insee

After stalling in 2009, France's wholesale/retail sector enjoyed a moderate upturn in sales in 2010. The rebound was significant in wholesaling (up 2.8% in real terms), although it did not offset the sharp 2009 decline. The recovery was milder in retailing (1.6%) and trade and repair of motor vehicles (1.2%). The non-food retail trade staged a robust comeback, whereas food retailing remained virtually stable. Paid-employment growth revived in 2010. The rebound, however, was modest and slightly weaker than that of total paid employment in the market sector. The rise in the number of “self-entrepreneurs” (auto-entrepreneurs) continued to fuel business creation in wholesale/retail trade.

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Paru le : 04/08/2011