Production of non-hazardous waste in the manufacturing industry in 2008

Émilie Ernst, division Industrie et études transversales, Insee

In 2008, local business units in the non-food manufacturing industry with 20 or more employees generated 14 million tonnes of non-hazardous non-mineral waste. Of the total, 78% is sorted by the manufacturers themselves, 11% remains unsorted, and 11% consists of sludge and organic waste. More than 90% of sorted waste is recovered or recycled. Conversely, most unsorted waste is placed in landfills or left at waste sorting centres. Between 2006 and 2008, the quantity of waste produced by these local business units has fallen faster than industrial production, and sorting activity has increased. Waste management is an environmental concern for most local units: 90% of them have actually set up specific units for the purpose. However, 17% of local units regard waste management as a constraint. This opinion is more widespread among smaller businesses.

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Paru le : 03/02/2011