Time spent on eating in France

Thibaut de Saint Pol, Laboratoire de sociologie quantitative, Crest Layla Ricroch, division Conditions de vie des ménages, Insee

Eating took up an average of two hours and twenty-two minutes of French people's daily schedules in 2010. Although it has become easier to eat at any time of day, the time spent on eating remains highly concentrated on the three traditional meals. At 1 P.M., one half of the French population is having lunch. Fifteen percent of survey respondents admit to very frequent snacking between meals. Among young people, the proportion is 29%. One-fifth of the time devoted to eating is spent in front of the television, a very slight increase over 24 years. On average, meals are rated as enjoyable as reading or listening to music. The eldest respondents are the fondest of meals and spend more time on them. The youngest people appreciate meals less, have breakfast less often, and eat out far more often.

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