People with writing difficulties: varied regional profiles

Jonathan Brendler, direction régionale de Haute-Normandie, Insee

The 2011 survey on the use of information in day-to-day life provides regional results for five regions in Metropolitan France (Haute-Normandie, Île-de-France, Nord - Pas-de-Calais, Picardie and Provence - Alpes - Côte d’Azur). While the frequency of writing issues varies little from one region to the next, the profiles of people with writing difficulties appear to be very different from one another. In Île-de-France, recent immigration explains part of this situation. In Picardie, men are the most affected. In Haute-Normandie, the schooling level has less impact on written comprehension. In Nord - Pas-de- Calais and in Provence - Alpes - Côte d’Azur, the weight of unemployment is, in part, both the cause and the consequence of writing difficulties.

Insee Première
No 1475
Paru le : 28/11/2013