Working for private individuals: the childminding boom

Franck Piot, division Exploitation de fichiers administratifs sur l’emploi et les revenus, Insee

In 2012 in Metropolitan France, 1.6 million people worked for private individuals. Among them, 29% were childminders, either at their own home or at their employer’s home. This share grew by more than three points in four years. Nine employees of individuals out of ten were women and two out of five were aged 50 or over. On average, these employees worked for 3.2 employers in 2012. Between 2008 and 2012, the average annual income of employees of individuals rose by 10% in constant euros. This rise was due to the increase in the number of nannies, who earned the highest and fastest-growing wages. The incomes of home-based childminders, the number of which also rose, fell sharply because their average working time declined. In 2011 the employees of individuals earned an average of €5200 over the year. Nannies earned almost twice as much (€10,200). For one-third of employees, employment by individuals is a second job, providing extra annual income of €1800 in 2011.

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Paru le : 19/11/2013