Self-employment income in 2009: far wider gaps than among paid employees

Justine Pignier, Jérôme Domens, division Salaires et revenus d’activité, Insee

The number of self-employed in manufacturing, construction, wholesale/retail trade, and services-excluding “freelance entrepreneurs” (auto-entrepreneurs)-reached nearly two million in metropolitan France (mainland + Corsica) and the overseas départements (DOMs) in 2009. Their average annual earned income was €34,190 euros, but 11% reported zero or negative earnings. Average self-employment income rose 1.3% in constant euros between 2008 and 2009. The most dynamic sector was the wholesale/retail trade, up 1.9%. By contrast, average income in scientific and technical occupations declined 3.3%. Almost 300,000 freelance entrepreneurs joined the self-employed category in 2009, but only 60% are regarded as economically active.

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Paru le : 06/03/2012