The labour market in 2009: results of the Labour-Force Survey

Anne Mansuy et Cédric Nouël de la Buzonnière, division Emploi, Insee

In 2009, the French labour force comprised 25.7 million people in employment and 2.6 million in ILO unemployment. The share of 15-64s in employment fell between 2008 and 2009. The decline mainly concerned young men. Young people are more likely to be hired under short-term contracts and to have jobs in construction and in the hotel/restaurant sector. Nearly one in ten people in employment has been working in the same firm for less than a year; 1.4 million people in employment-5.5% of all employed persons-would like to work more. Young people, especially the lowest-skilled, remain the category with the highest unemployment rate. More than half of the unemployed aged over 50 have been seeking work for more than a year.

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Paru le : 14/01/2011