Means and methods of managing intangible assets 


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The survey wants to clarify how independent companies and groups manage intangible assets. It includes three domains of intangible management:

- marketing and advertising communication;

- innovation and research policy;

- intellectual property management.

The originally planned knowledge management has been abandoned.

She wants to compare the practices of French and foreign groups.

The survey, in order to better individualise the management processes of intangible assets, takes up the definition of enterprise in Regulation (EEC) No 696/93, replacing decision-making autonomy with management autonomy of intangible assets. Companies coming from groups through this profiling are validated with the groups by means of a telephone pre-survey.

The company presents itself (employees, turnover, geographic markets), then by domain of management of the immaterial:

- specifies its actions, objectives and results;

- quantifies its efforts: expenditure, staff, fees;

- specifies its degree of autonomy within the group's policy.

First survey to investigate the intangible as widely and as precisely as possible.


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