Observation of Prices in Industry and Services (survey on)

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Présentation de l'opération

Organisme producteur :

Insee. Direction des statistiques d'entreprises (DSE)

Type d'opération :


Objectifs :

The survey “Observation of Prices in Industry and Services” measures the monthly or quarterly evolution of transaction prices for goods or services. It aims at meeting the obligations of the European regulation on short-term statistics.
The producer price indices in industry and business services are also used as deflators by INSEE national accountants to calculate the evolution in volume of production and subsequently the value added of the branches, in the same way than consumer price indices.
The results of the survey cover different branches of activity via :

· The monthly Producer Price Indices in the Industry which measure the evolution of prices for the production of goods and services, linked to a particular industrial activity and sold on the French domestic market or on foreign markets;

· The monthly Purchase Price Indices for Imports of Industrial Products which measure changes in the prices of products and services bought by French economic agents from non-resident agents;

· The quarterly Producer Price Indices in Services which measure the evolution of transaction prices of French services related to a particular service activity and sold to legal or natural persons on the French domestic market or to external markets;

· The quarterly Price Indices of Maintenance and Improvement of Dwelling which measure changes in prices of construction companies (including craft businesses) for their works of maintenance and upgrading of residential buildings (and also non-residential, extension of the current survey).

Thèmes abordés :

The statements relate to the transaction prices of goods purchased or sold on the French or foreign markets by industry or services marketed on the French market by services, excluding VAT and after deduction of discounts and special rebates.

Champ de l'opération

Champ géographique :

France (metropolitan France and overseas departments)

Champ(s) statistique(s) couvert(s) :

The units surveyed for producer output prices in the industry are those with an activity (main or secondary) described in the branches of Sections B to E of NACE rev.2.

The units surveyed for producer price indices in r business services are those producing services described in sections H, I, J, L, M and N and in NACE rev.2.

The units surveyed for the Price Indices of Maintenance and Improvement of Dwelling are those engaged in divisions 43.2, 43.3 and 43.9 of NACE rev.2. 

The units surveyed for import purchase prices at are companies importing industrial products within the meaning of the CPF, identified by customs data.

Caractéristiques techniques

Unité statistique enquêtée :


Périodicité de l'opération :

Monthly or Quarterly

Période et mode de collecte :

For the industry, the questionnaires are monthly. The results of month M are available at the latest on the last working day of the following month (M + 30). For services and construction, questionnaires are quarterly. The results for quarter T are available no later than the last business day of the second month of the next quarter (T + 60).

The questionnaires are transmitted to surveyed companies by post or internet.

Historique :

The survey in its present form began in 1977, and was quarterly at first. Monthly publication of Production Price Indices in  the industry began in 1989 in France while the European Regulation (EC) No 1165/98 related to short-term statistics (STS) imposed only in May 1998 a monthly supply of Production Price indices in the industry by Member States of the European Union.

The monitoring theProducer Price Iindices of the industry for foreign markets began in 2001. 

Import purchase price indices have been monitored since 2004, on an even monthly basis, following an update of the STS regulation (No 1158/2005). 

The Producer Price indices in Services was launched in 1992 and their first publication began in 1994. The collection and dissemination of production of these price indices are quarterly from the beginning.

The "STS-package", which is currently being defined, requires an extension of the scope of services to all market services from sections H to N excluding K (financial services), with an all-market approach ("BtoAll"), beyond only business services. This STS-package is part of the framework regulation "FRIBS" being defined.

Plan de sondage :

The selection of enterprises is done through the annual production survey for non-food industry producer prices, thanks to the annual sectoral survey of food industry, services or construction for the other sectors. The companies selected for the surveys of import purchase prices are identified through customs data. Samples can be refined and supplemented by contacts with professional unions. A interviewer then meets with each selected company in order to determine the particular representative transactions which will then be followed. For defining the sample, the "cut-off" technique is the rule, a stratified sampling is the exception.

Sample size: approximately 8,200 companies participate in the he survey “Observation of Prices in Industry and Services”, including:

· 4,800 for indices of production and import prices in industry;
· 2,100 for producer price indices in services;
· And approximately 1,300 for the Price Indices of Maintenance and Improvement of Dwelling.

Méthodologie :

The survey “Observation of Prices in Industry and Services” attempts to measure gross price developments (not seasonally adjusted). The price response series received from the "suppliers" are converted into basic series in the form of reference indexes (base year) and are then aggregated into index series according to an aggregation tree specific to each branch (class of Products: level 4 of the official CPA nomenclature). Finally, the price indices of the branches are combined in order to obtain aggregates.

The aggregate indices (product classes at the CPA 4 digits level and above) are chain-linked Laspeyres indices, annually in reference to the base year. This means that the weights used to aggregate monthly price developments are updated once a year from the most recent sources of national accounts, structural business statistics and customs data, generally covering the year N-2.

The indices of the branches and of lower levels, although calculated according to the same formulas, are fixed base Laspeyres indices, because the weights are generally refreshed only when the representative transactions of the sub-samples concerned are renewed.

The operation associates professional unions, companies and INSEE. The companies surveyed in a branch are sampled at regular intervals (in principle once every five years) from the sampling bases available to INSEE.

Autres spécifications :

Pursuant to  European Regulation (EC) No 1165/98 of 19 May 1998 on short-term statistics, statistical monitoring of producer prices is compulsory in all European countries. The French survey "Observation of Prices in Industry and Services" is carried out for this purpose. It has received the character of general interest and compulsory on the part of the CNIS (visa n ° 2017M039EC following the notice of conformity of the Label Committee N ° 134 / Label L2011).