New private car registrations

Dernière mise à jour le : 22/10/2012

Présentation de l'opération

Organisme producteur :

Insee. Direction des Etudes et Synthèses Economiques (DESE)
Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire
Service de de la donnée et des études statistiques (SDES)

Type d'opération :

Accounts, Indicators

Objectifs :

The number of new private car registrations is used to monitor the trends on the French automobile market and constitutes one of the indicators used to calculate household automobile consumption.

Caractéristiques techniques

Périodicité de l'opération :


Période et mode de collecte :

Each month, the SoeS inventory the number of new private car registrations based on the information transmittesd by the Ministry of Intérieur (agence nationale des titres sécurisés) from the car registration system (SIV).

Méthodologie :

The indicators calculated by (SoeS) are firstly corrected for calendar effects (trading day adjustment - TDA). The gross monthly data is in fact adjusted according to the specific structure of the month in question in terms of working days (number of working days, public holidays), compared to a mean structure.

The data (TDA) is then adjusted for seasonal variations (seasonal adjustment - SA) by estimating the seasonal component (e.g. month of August generally low).

The selected scope is the new private car registration. The data do not include car registration in overseas departments and overseas territorial authority, car in temporary transit (car sold to non residents), the civil administration of the state and military cars.

The scope, the calendar effect correction technique and seasonal adjustment method used by SoeS differ from those used by the French Automobile Manufacturers Association (CCFA). Accordingly, the indicators produced and disseminated by these two bodies differ.

The indicators calculated in this manner are:

- the level of new car registrations, in thousands;

- monthly trend as a percentage;

- quarterly trend as a percentage.

Autres spécifications :

The seasonality of registrations has been modified, by increasing the gross registrations in spring and by reducing them in summer, since the abolition of the year rule, as decided at the start of the year 2000.

Three indicators are calculed:

- New private vehicle registrations;

- New households vehicle registrations (60 % of private vehicle);

- The rest of private vehicle (cars companies).

This consumption is estimated using an econometric method:Calibration-adjustment, which establishes a relationship between the indicators used and automobile consumption.