Tourist flows in French Guyana (Survey with travelers fom the airport of Cayenne-Rochambeau)

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Présentation de l'opération

Organisme producteur :

Insee. Direction Interrégionale Antilles-Guyane (DIRAG)

Partenariat :

French Guyana tourism committee

Type d'opération :


Objectifs :

This survey allows to draw up a regular balance sheet on the visits of the tourists on the territory of French Guyana and to have a quantitative and qualitative information about this tourists.

It is also a question of knowing better the main characteristics of the tourists (passagers and French Guyana residents), and quantifying their expenses to measure the economic effects.

Thèmes abordés :

-The number and the characteristics of tourists,

-The motivation of the travel and the characteristics of the tourism stay, (the entire duration, type of accommodation, sightseeing…);

-The expenditure consumptions functions and the "category" of tourists;

-The level of satisfaction.

Champ de l'opération

Champ géographique :

French Guyana

Champ(s) statistique(s) couvert(s) :

The data base consists of outgoing passengers on commercial aircraft leaving the airport of Cayenne-Rochambeau to metropole, French Antilles (final destination or for a transit) and Brazil.

Even if our target population is tourists, we also have to take into account the passengers in transit and the passengers living in French Guyana.

Caractéristiques techniques

Unité statistique enquêtée :

" Budgetary Unit "; that is the group of persons travelling together and sharing the expenses.

Périodicité de l'opération :

The survey is realised every 2 or 3 years.

Période et mode de collecte :

The last survey took place from January 1st, to December 31th, 2009.

The questionnaire is distributed in departure lounge to all the passengers of the selected flights.

Historique :

Survey realised in 1996, 1997, 2004-2005 and 2007 and 2009.

Plan de sondage :

The sampling plan is based on a selection of 90 days of survey, over one year.

Secondly, we proceed, every month, to an drawing of the flights to be investigated. This drawing is made on the basis of a projected monthly schedule of the flights supplied by the airport. The number of flights to be investigated makes the object of an estimation based on the results of collection of the previous survey.

A questionnare is handed out to each households of the survey flight.The data from each questionnaire were captured and exploited. We do not know, a priori, the size of the sample of the households. It depends on the number of flights, the rate of the lack of seating capacity on the aircraft, the size of households and the rate of answer to the survey.

7600 questionnaires were collected in 2009.

The data sources can be compared without seasonal adjustment.

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