Associated commune


Dernière mise à jour le :12/04/2022


An associated commune is a former commune which, in the context of a merger-association between several communes in accordance with articles L. 2113-11 et seq. of the general code of territorial collectivities in their wording prior to law no. 2010-1563 of 16 December 2010 on the reform of territorial collectivities, loses its status as a territorial collectivity but retains a few particularities: a delegated mayor, who is a registrar and a judicial police officer, and who is likely to receive certain delegations of authority from the mayor, and an annexed mayor’s office, which is in particular responsible for civil status records.

Since the entry into force of the law on the reform of territorial collectivities, no associated communes may be established and the remaining associated communes continue to be governed by the provisions formerly in force. Associated communes historically result from mergers of communes permitted by law n°71-588 of July 16, 1971 on mergers and regroupings of communes, known as the "Marcellin law".