National framework for professional qualifications


Dernière mise à jour le :20/01/2022


The national framework for professional qualifications defines eight levels of qualification depending on the professional certifications, corresponding to different levels of knowledge, skills, responsability and autonomy.

This framework is coherent regarding the European Qualifications Framework.

Level 3 corresponds to diplomas of short vocational secondary education: CAP, BEP and equivalents.

Level 4 corresponds to baccalaureat level diploma (general, technical and vocational) and equivalents.

Level 5 corresponds to diplomas graduating two years of tertiary education (DUT, BTS, Deug, health and social training courses, etc.).

Level 6 corresponds to tertiary education diplomas which can be awarded three or four years after the baccalauréat (license, vocational license, etc.).

Level 7 correponds to diplomas which can be awarded five years after the baccalauréat (master, engineering diploma, Grande Ecole diploma, etc.).

Level 8 corresponds to diplomas wich can be awarded eight years or more after the baccalauréat (doctorate, ability to conduct researches, etc.).

This frame replaces since 2019 the French classification of education levels (1969) according to the following correspondence:

  • Level 3 corresponds to the old level V
  • Level 4 corresponds to the old level IV
  • Level 5 corresponds to the old level III
  • Level 6 corresponds to the old level II
  • Levels 7 and 8 correspond to the old level I