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A facility is a service, commercial or not, accessible to the population. It can be a layout (bathing zone, remarkable space, heritage), an infrastructure (gymnasium, swimming pool, station, etc.) or a service (shops, bank, court, etc.).It is listed in the Base permanente des équipements (BPE) on January 1st of each year.

Most of the time, the establishment is the entity identified as equipment, but equipment can also refer to the service provided within an establishment (for example, a maternity service may be provided in an autonomous establishment or in a multidisciplinary establishment).

Facilities are grouped into categories called types of facilities. The types of facilities are grouped into 7 groups:

  • personal services;
  • shops;
  • education;
  • health and social services;
  • transports and travel;
  • sports-leisure-culture;
  • tourism.

The nomenclature of types of equipment is updated every year.