Dernière mise à jour le :26/11/2019


The “Licence” is a national university diploma leading to the level “bac+3”. Its training proceeds in three years after the “Baccalauréat” or equivalent.

This diploma constitutes the first university degree of the three-cycle system. Since the entry into force of the new training national context (2014), its title is defined with a field appellation and a mention name whose list is set by ministerial decree. Before the implementation of the three-cycle system (2003-2006), the “Licence” diploma was used to name a diploma prepared in one year after obtaining a “Deug”. The Bachelor’s degree is given to other diplomas awarded out of university, notably at the end of paramedical or architectural trainings.


This first cycle degree is therefore classified at the level II in the French classification of education levels and at the level 6 in the International standard one (ISCED 2011).