Nature reserve


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


A nature reserve is a part of the territory where the preservation of the fauna, flora, soil, water, mineral and fossil deposits and, in general, of the natural environment is of particular importance. No artificial intervention likely to degrade such a territory should be allowed in it.

A distinction is made between national nature reserves (RNN), nature reserves of the territorial authority of Corsica (RNC) and regional nature reserves (RNR). Their management is entrusted to associations for the protection of nature, including the conservatories of natural space, to public institutions (national parks, national forestry commission) and to local authorities (municipalities, associations of municipalities, mixed syndicates, etc.). A management plan drafted by the organisation in charge of managing the reserve for 5 years, sets out the objectives and the resources to be deployed in the field to maintain or restore the relevant environments.

The RNR, created upon the initiative of the regions, have replaced the voluntary nature reserves (RNV).


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