National inter-scheme health insurance register / RNIAM


Dernière mise à jour le :22/01/2021


Established by ministerial ruling of 22 October 1996, the RNIAM is a national directory identifying social insurance holders. It is used to:

  • list and certify the identification information of health insurance beneficiaries,
  • identify the health insurance body and the complementary insurance body covering each beneficiary.

The information contained in the RNIAM is compared with that coming respectively from the National Directory for the Identification of Physical Persons (RNIPP) kept by the INSEE, and from the organisations that manage health insurance schemes.

The RNIAM also contributes to the procedures for issuing and updating Vitale electronic health cover cards. Last, the directory is used for statistical studies in the fields of health, social matters and demographics.

Technical management of the RNIAM is entrusted to the National Old-Age Insurance Fund (CNAV) for and under the control of the health insurance bodies.