Share of pay and wages in the taxable income of households


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


The share of pay and wages is the percentage represented by the wages earned in the total of the taxable income of the geographic area observed.

Salaried income includes wages, daily sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, benefits in kind, certain early pensions but also income from abroad collected by residents in France (this income is counted by default as salaried income as the tax return does not make it possible to break it down by category).


Calculation of mean wage income per household is not recommended. It would be incorrect to refer to the average wage of a household as a given household can draw its resources from a variety of income categories, with wage income being just a minority share in total household income.

As an illustration, in Metropolitan France in 2003, wage income represented 66.2% of the total income declared by households, but 68.8% of households declared an amount other than zero in this category. Wage income therefore represents a slightly lower amount of income than the share of households concerned by this category. Also, wage income can be of widely varying importance to a given household: it can represent a large majority of its overall income or may only represent a very small portion.