Requirement in days


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


Since the Aubry II Law of 2000, a system of requirement in days, allowing for calculation of time worked in days and not hours, can be implemented for autonomous executives when organising their working commitments, by collective agreement of the branch or firm, coupled with an individual agreement. Since the law of March 31st 2005, this option is also extended to cover employees whose time worked cannot be determined in advance and who enjoy autonomy in the organisation of their working schedule. The maximum number of workable days remains fixed at 218. But the law of August 20th 2008 reforming the working time system allows any employee who so wishes, with the consent of his employer, to receive payment for his holidays in lieu of time off work, up to a total limit of 235 working days in the year, in the absence of an agreement fixing the number. In practice, the maximum number of workable days in a year cannot exceed 285 days (365 days -52 weekly rest days -30 days paid leave –May 1st, the only day of the year which is a compulsory holiday).