New orders index by value


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


The new orders index measures the value of the orders received in the course of the month by French companies with over 20 employees in the manufacturing industries working on orders. This index is considered to be a leading indicator of company sales and output. The index calculated each month using the results of branch surveys is corrected for seasonal variations.

The scope of the manufacturing industries working on orders is defined on the European level by products in NAF branches 17 (textiles), 18 (clothing), 21 (paper-paperboard), 24 (chemicals), 27 to 35 (metals, machinery and automobile construction, grouped together in this case with capital equipment, heavy transport equipment, etc.). Industries working on orders cover 67% of sales in industry excluding energy and agrifood. In the remaining 33%, production is deemed to be just in time on the basis of orders that are therefore identical in value.

Within the framework of the European regulation on short-term statistics, the countries of the European Union supply order indices each month to Eurostat which disseminates the European aggregate.


This index is constructed and published by the INSEE using the data collected in the branch surveys by the Industrial Studies and Statistics Department (SESSI) and by the accredited professional organisations.