Communication services


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


In the sense of the NAF rev. 2 classification, communication services include services for remote transmission of voice, data, texts, sound and images.

They encompass :

  • landline telephony ;
  • mobile telephony ;
  • advanced services: toll-free numbers, party lines, Audiotel and Minitel with shared income ;
  • rented links: rental of transmission capacities between two points reserved for a client by an operator from land, satellite or submarine networks ;
  • transport of data (including SMS): customised routing of data ;
  • interconnection: services offered or purchased from other operators resulting from interconnection agreements between operators holding a licence or specialised service providers ;
  • services for access to the Internet ;
  • services for the broadcasting of television and radio programmes ;
  • other services such as: management of private integrated networks, private mobile radio services, rental services, videoconferencing.

These activities are described in division 61 of the NAF rev. 2.