Municipal population


Dernière mise à jour le :15/01/2020


The municipal population includes people:

  • who have their usual residence in the territory of the municipality, in a dwelling or community;
  • detained in the municipal penitentiary institutions;
  • homeless persons registered on the territory of the municipality; - usually resident in a mobile dwelling in the municipality.

The municipal population of a set of municipalities is equal to the sum of the municipal populations of the municipalities that make it up.

The concept of municipal population now corresponds to the concept of population usually used in statistics. Indeed, it does not involve double counting: each person living in France is counted once and only once. In 1999, it was the concept of population without double counting that corresponded to the notion of statistical population.


The concept of municipal population is defined by Decree No. 2003-485, published in the Journal Officiel of 8 June 2003, on the population census.