Economic sphere


Dernière mise à jour le :28/05/2019


The partition of the economy in two spheres, "presential" and "productive", enables a better understanding of the spatial activities' logic and highlights the openness of local production systems.

It also helps provide an analysis grid for the outsourcing processes and the other economic changes taking place in the territories.

The "presential" activities are activities implemented locally for the production of goods and services aiming at the satisfaction of the needs of persons present in the area, whether residents or tourists.

Productive activities are determined by difference. These are activities that produce goods mainly consumed outside the area and services activities provided mainly to the companies of the productive sphere.


As of June 2015, the name "productive sphere" replaces that of "non- presential sphere". The distribution of activities is not affected.

As of January 2010, this new definition replaces the old one with its three spheres: "productive", "residential" and "public".