Penal institution


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


Penal institutions include :

  • remand prisons receiving remand and convicted prisoners with a remaining sentence of 1 year or less to be served ;
  • detention centres accommodating convicted inmates who are considered as presenting the best rehabilitation prospects ;
  • high-security prisons accommodating the most sensitive inmates. Their prison regime is essentially based on security ;
  • mixed prisons comprising a "remand wing" and/or a "high-security wing" and/or a "detention centre" wing. They accommodate remand prisoners and convicted prisoners with long and short sentences ;
  • semi-custodial centres with convicted persons benefiting from semi-custodial arrangements allowing them to conduct an activity: work, education or professional training, making an essential contribution to their family life or undergoing medical treatment. The inmates are required to return to the penal institution as soon as this activity ends.