Non-accredited hotels


Dernière mise à jour le :28/06/2019


"Non-accredited" hotels are hotels that do not have a "tourism" classification. We include only those hotels proposing rooms or furnished apartments for short-stay hire to clients for stays by the day, week or month.

It should be noted that we exclude (from this definition) those hotels that may largely play a role of long-stay accommodation or housing for occupants who may even have elected domicile there.

Among these non-accredited hotels, a distinction is made between:

  • chain hotels without tourism accreditation
  • hotels without tourism accreditation that do not belong to a chain

Membership of a chain is characterised by a common chain name for the hotels that belong to the chain. When all the hotels are run by the same company or are associated in the form of a franchise, the chain is an integrated one. When the hotels are run by independent companies, the chain is a voluntary one.

As of July 2012, the ranking Atout France has replaced the old ranking prefectural approval.