Professional fishing


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Sea fishing is carried out at sea or in estuaries. Depending on the processing carried out on board vessels, a distinction is made between fresh and frozen (or processed) fishing. Inland fishing is practised in fresh water (pond, river),

it is not very developed in France.

Fishing navigation is subdivided into four types of fishing :

- small-scale fishing: absence from port less than or equal to 24 hours.

- coastal fishing: absence from the upper port between 24 and 96 hours.

- offshore fishing: absence from port for more than 96 hours, when this type of navigation does not meet the definition of large-scale fishing.

- large-scale fishing: it includes vessels of more than 1,000 gross registered tonnes (GRT), vessels of more than 150 GRT which are usually absent from their port of operation or supply for more than 20 days, and vessels of more than 150 GRT whose port of registry is more than 20 days away from the port of operation or supply.


The port of registry corresponds to the port of administrative management of the ship.