Register of localized buildings / RIL


Dernière mise à jour le :22/05/2019


The register of localized buildings (RIL), available for municipalities with 10,000 or more inhabitants, contains all the housing addresses (dwellings, tourist establishments and communities) necessary for the population census and the calculation of legal populations.

It includes in particular the number of dwellings, the type of dwelling, the habitable nature of the addresses and their geolocation.

This directory makes it possible to constitute the sampling frames for census surveys of municipalities with a population of 10,000 or more. Each year, the sample of 8% of the habitable dwellings in a large municipality is determined from the addresses of the RIL. In addition, the number of habitable dwellings in the RIL is directly implicated in the calculation of the level of the legal population of the large municipalities.

Initiated on the basis of information from the 1999 general population census, this directory is updated by Insee and the municipalities on the basis of building permit files and local information feedback (updates of the municipality, results of census surveys, surveys on the quality of the RIL conducted by Insee, etc.). In the French overseas departments, the RIL is mainly updated on the basis of surveys carried out in the field.

The creation and updating of the RIL is defined by an order of 19 July 2000.