Epure: data from Urssaf, MSA and SIASP on employment and the total wage bill, used by INSEE


Dernière mise à jour le :04/06/2021


The aim of the Epure programme is to track the development within the year of employment and wages, and to better understand the establishments which employ workers. Epure is a system which draws quarterly upon three administrative sources:

  • Social security contribution slips sent by employers to the unions for payment of social security and family benefit payments (URSSAF);
  • Social declarations of employees in the agricultural industry received by the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA);
  • Pay records for those working in the three branches of the civil service, taken from the System for Information on Civil Service Employees (SIASP).


Epure is a key element of some of INSEE’s other statistical operations, including the programme for Local knowledge of the productive system (Clap), Localised employment estimates (Estel) and national employment estimates.