Classification of socioprofessional categories / CSP


Dernière mise à jour le :09/06/2022


The classification of socioprofessional categories (CSP) was conceived by INSEE in 1954 and has not been in force since 1982. The objective was to categorise individuals according to their professional situation, taking account of several criteria: their profession, economic activity, qualification, hierarchical position and status. It included 9 main groups subdivided into 30 socioprofessional categories. It was used by Insee for the examination of censuses (1954 to 1975), and for certain consumer surveys, social mobility surveys, mortality surveys, etc. It was also used by many other demographic and sociological bodies.

This classification was abandoned in 1982 and replaced by the classification of professions and socioprofessional categories (PCS), used for the censuses of 1982, 1990 and 1999, among others.