The REPONSE survey


Dernière mise à jour le :18/09/2017


The REPONSE survey (survey on professional relationships and business negotiations) allows us to consider the functioning and structure of the bodies designed to represent employees within companies, and to assess the roles which the different parties within the company assign to these bodies in practice. Further to these primary objectives, the survey allows us to conduct a more detailed analysis, sticking to the theme of business relationships, of the links between personnel management policies, methods of organising work, economic strategies and business performance. Amongst other topics, the questioning focuses on the presence and nature of instances of employee representation, the nature of negotiations and the conclusion of common agreements, the existence of collective conflicts and the perception of the environment within the company. Various parties are surveyed: in this way, representatives of the management and representatives of the workforce and salaried employees are surveyed in the same company.


The last REPONSE survey dates from 2017 (the previous surveys were conducted in 1993, 1999, 2005 and 2011).These surveys are conducted by the Ministry of Labour, at Dares, the Directorate for the Coordination of Research, Studies and Statistics.