Share of other income in the taxable income of households


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


The share of other income is the percentage represented by the asset base income declared and other income in the total amount of taxable income of the geographic area observed.

This income includes essentially income from the asset base: income from securities and movable assets taxable under the personal income tax scheme, and investments products subject to flat rate tax indicated on the tax scheme (which excludes tax-exempt income such as the "A savings" bank account and investment products subject to flat rate tax undeclared), net property income (rents, tenant farming rents, shares in property investment companies, billboards), ancillary income (non-professional business profits- BIC, non-professional and non-business profits (BNC) and gross income from non professional furnished rented property).

In certain cases the share may appear outside of the normal bracket (between 0 and 100%).