Output produced for own final use / Production for final own use


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Output produced for own final use (P12) consists of goods or services that an institutional unit produces and keeps for its final consumption or gross fixed capital formation.

Products retained for own final consumption can only be produced by the households sector. Cited as examples:

  • agricultural products retained by farmers ;
  • dwelling services produced by owner-occupiers;
  • household services produced by employing paid staff.

Production excludes the production of domestic and personal services that are produced and con­sumed within the same household (cleaning, preparation of meals, care of children etc..) .

Products used for own capital formation for own final use can be produced by any sector. Examples of such prod­ucts are:

  • machine tools produced by engineering enterprises;
  • dwellings, or extensions to dwellings, produced by households;
  • own-account construction, including com­munal construction undertaken by groups of households;
  • own-account software;
  • own-account research and development.