Temporary employment


Dernière mise à jour le :07/06/2023


Temporary employment (or temporary work or temporary work) consists of making
employees available on a temporary basis to client companies, who, on the basis of an agreed remuneration, are hired and paid for this purpose by the temporary work company.

Temporary employment is therefore characterised by a triangular relationship between the temporary employment agency, the client company and the employee, and involves the conclusion of two contracts: a supply contract (between the temporary employment agency and the client company) and an assignment contract (between the temporary employment agency and the employee).

The contract can only be concluded for the performance of a precise and temporary task, known as an assignment, and only in the cases listed by law. Regardless of the reason for which it is concluded, such a contract may not have the purpose or effect of permanently filling a job linked to the normal and permanent activity of the user company.