Departmental welfare provisions


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


The welfare responsibilities of each department include providing social support to senior citizens, disabled people and children, as well as the expenses linked to the RMI (minimum integration income).

  • Welfare support for the elderly includes: expenses arising from home help programmes (household assistance…) along with the expenses associated with residential care;
  • Welfare support for disabled people covers the expenses of home help (household assistance or care provision) as well as help with accommodation (institutional care, day centres, family reception centres);
  • welfare support for children includes the expense of children placed in foster care, including fees linked to fostering, and also educational support measures.
  • Total expenditure linked to RSA includes direct RSA expenses (payment of the allowance and recruitment expenses of the RSA programmes) as well as the expenses of the integration-minimum earned income programme (CUI-CIE) and expenses linked to CUI-CAE.


Article 25 of the law of January 7th 1983 requires local government bodies to draw up and present to the central government statistics on their welfare provisions relating to the responsibilities they hold. Every year, the Ministry for Health’s research, studies and statistical analysis directorate issues a questionnaire to the General Councils in order to collect information (as of December 31st) on those receiving benefits and the expenses incurred by the department in providing support.