National wealth (national accounts)


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


National wealth is to be understood as comprising the assets of the residents within the national territory. This is based on the ownership of economic assets that may be the subject of transactions. It does not include historic monuments, for example.

It consists of :

  1. non-financial assets of resident units: tangible assets such as housing, other buildings, machines and equipment, intangible assets (e.g. software) and other produced (stocks) or non-produced (land for example) assets ;
  2. to which are added the financial assets held by the resident units ;
  3. from which are deducted the financial liabilities contracted by the resident units.

Because the amount of the financial assets and liabilities is offseting on the national level (between resident units), relations between resident and non resident units are only to be considered here.