Centres with accommodation (minors)


Dernière mise à jour le :05/05/2022


The educational collective hosting of minors with accommodation covers several types of hosting and stays, classified according to their duration or according to the specific regulations applied to them.

  1. The holiday stays (previously called "holiday centres" or "holiday camps"), non-specific stays, organized for at least 7 minors and for at least three consecutive nights;
  2. Short stays, non-specific stays, organized for at least 7 minors and for an accommodation period of one to three nights;
  3. Mini-camps, stays organized as an ancillary activity to the stay of leisure activities or the stay of youth usually without accommodation, intended for at least 7 minors welcomed regularly throughout the year and for a period maximum of four consecutive nights;
  4. Holiday stays in a family, for 2 to 6 minors and for a duration of at least four consecutive nights;
  5. Scouting stays (with accommodation) organized as part of scouting stay, for at least 7 minors, all of whom must be at least 6 years old;
  6. Other specific stays, organized by a legal person whose main purpose is the development of specific activities, for at least 7 minors aged 6 years or over are:

a. Sports stays organised by approved sports federations, their devolved bodies and their affiliate clubs for their minor members;

b. Language stays, irrespective of the mode of accommodation (within a family or a collective structure such as a middle school), proposed by organisers of language stays or courses in the sense of standard NF EN 14804;

c. Artistic and cultural stays organised by a music, dance or theatre school sponsored by the State, a local or regional authority or an association, conducted as an extension of the activity performed throughout the year and included, in this capacity, in the annual project;

d. European meeting of Youth organized in the framework of European programmes for youth by legal entities having shown evidence of their commitment to comply with the clauses stipulated by the European Commission and as specified by the French agency in charge of this programme's implementation;

e. Work camps for young volunteers, organized around a project useful to the community, often lasting two to three weeks;

f. Stays organized within the framework of the Franco-German Office for Youth;

g. National cohesion stays organized within the framework of the Universal National Service.


Source : mission Enquêtes, Données et Études Statistiques (MEDES), service statistique ministériel en charge de la jeunesse et des sports (site : https://injep.fr/mesurer/)