Natural person


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


Within the meaning of French law, a natural person is a human being with, as such, a legal status. To benefit directly and fully from his/her legal capacity (or status), a natural person must be of age (except in the event of emancipation before reaching the age of majority) and not affected by any partial or total incapacity (guardianship). Otherwise, such capacity is exercised in his/her name by a legal representative.

Every natural person is subject to :

  • "subjective rights", namely prerogatives attributed in the person's interest and enabling him/her to benefit from a thing or a value or to demand a service from another person (e.g. ownership, the right to respect of his/her private life) ;
  • obligations towards others (for example under a work contract) and the rest of society (e.g. the obligation to repair the damage caused by an offence).