Total employment


Dernière mise à jour le :03/03/2020


Total employment includes paid employment and self-employment. It is expressed in number of persons.

If a person occupies several jobs over the same period, whether salaried or self-employed, he or she is counted only once, according to his or her main status, i.e. the one that provides the highest income over the year.


Total employment is measured in the "Employment Estimates", which are based on the social security declarations of companies. Employment is measured over the last week of the year in the Annual Estimates, and at the end of the quarter for the Quarterly Estimates. All employment reported in administrative data is counted. Multi-activity treatment ensures that persons who hold more than one job during the last week of the year are counted only once, under their main job, which corresponds to the one that provides them with the highest remuneration.

The Employment Estimates provide employment levels and trends by geographical level (national, regional, departmental and employment area) and sector of activity.