Classification of professions and socioprofessional categories / Socio-professional categories


Dernière mise à jour le :09/06/2022


The nomenclature of occupations and socio-professional categories (PCS) classifies the population according to the current (or former) occupation, the status (employee or not), the number of people working in the company for the self-employed and, for employees, the nature of the employer (public or private) and the level of qualification.

The nomenclature of professions and socio-professional categories (PCS) replaced the CSP in 1982.

In its current version, the PCS 2020 comprises four nested levels of aggregation: socio-professional groups (6 items); socio-professional categories (29 items); grouped occupations (121 items); occupations (311 items).

In order to allow comparative analyses over a long period of time, the first and second levels of the PCS 2020 have remained unchanged from the previous versions (1982 and 2003). In addition, new complementary categorisations have been designed, such as the employment classes and the Household PCS.

There is a slightly more detailed version of the occupational nomenclature, which is mainly used by employers for the administrative declarations of their employees, called PCS-ESE.