Other government bodies / ODAC


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


In the national accounts, Other government bodies (ODAC) are bodies to which the State has entrusted a functional and specialised competence at national level. Controlled and mainly financed by the French State, these bodies have a mainly not trade activity. The CNRS (National center for scientific research), the CEA(atomic energy agency) are examples of ODAC.

In the national accounts, the ODAC may be grouped together into functions. These functions correspond to the first level of the Classification of the Functions of Government, COFOG (CFAP for France).

A few examples of ODAC, classified into these 10 functions.

1- General services: CNRS (National center for scientific research), CNES etc.

2- Defence: IHEDN (Institute of higher national defence studies), etc.

3- Public order and security: (not much significant).

4- Economic affairs: CEA (atomic energy agency), IFPEN (French Institute of oil and new energies), Météo-France, etc.

5- Environmental protection: 8 national parks, litoral conservation etc.

6- Housing and town planning: ANAH (national agency for the improvement of habitat), etc.

7- Health: Inserm (national institute of health and medical research), Institute of the sanitary watch, CMU fund, etc.

8- Leisure, culture and religious denominations: Theaters (Opera, Comédie Franþaise, Odeon) and national museums (Louvre, La Villette, Versailles), Académie française, etc.

9- Education, teaching: Universities and public high schools, etc.

10- Social protection: Association for the management of insurance claims of employees (AGS), etc.

ODAC list may change with changing areas and forms of state intervention.