Criminal justice


Dernière mise à jour le :13/10/2016


Data on the activity of the criminal courts is extracted from the printed forms describing the stages in the criminal process. The "Cadres du Parquet" (public prosecution forms), completed each year by the criminal courts, supply flows: flows of official reports referred to the Public Prosecutor in the course of the year, flows of matters oriented by the Public Prosecutor and handled in the course of the year by the competent jurisdiction. Furthermore, since 1989 the trials register has provided all the information collected throughout the procedure on judicial investigations, on safety measures (judicial review and provisional custody), on the qualification of the principal offence featuring in the indictment, and on the closure of proceedings. It also enables calculation of the length of trial procedures, as well as that of any safety measures.

Judicial jurisdictions are competent to hear disputes opposing individuals (civil justice) and to punish criminal law offences (criminal justice).


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