Civil Solidarity Pact / Pacs


Dernière mise à jour le :26/10/2020


The Civil Solidarity Pact (Pacs) is a contract between two adult persons, of different sexes or of the same sex, to organise their cohabitation. It was promulgated by the Law of 15 November 1999. It sets the rights and obligations of the parties in terms of material support, housing, estate, taxes and social rights. However, it has no effect on the rules of parentage and parental authority if one of the parties is already a parent. Originally, it was registered by a court and since March 28, 2011, by a notary or a court. The registration of a Pacs agreement has been transferred from courts to municipalities since November 1, 2017. Pacs are thus registered in town halls or by a notary.

The Pacs may be dissolved at the request of one or of the two parties by sending a declaration to the municipality where the Pacs was registered (or to the municipality where the court registered the Pacs before November 1, 2017) or to the notary. It is automatically broken by the marriage or death of one of the two partners.