Enterprise birth


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Enterprise birth corresponds to the creation of a new combination of production factors with the restriction that no other enterprise is involved in the event.

Enterprise births are legal units creations. But we use the term "Enterprise" in reason of the specificity of the situation when a new legal unit is created. Indeed, at the moment of the registration, it is impossible to determine if a legal unit is independant or a part of a group. Thus, the birth of a legal unit is considered as a birth of enterprise.

Monthly statistics concerning enterprises births are compiled using the information system SIDE, which is supplied with data from SIRENE and enriched with elements from the SIRUS statistical register.

Enterprise birth correspond to legal units registered in Sirene that become active due to the following reasons :

  • new registration of a legal unit with the creation of a new combination of production factors ;
  • case where the entrepreneur restart an activity after an interruption of more than one year (there is no new registration but use of the former Siren number, generally for a sole proprietorship) ;
  • case where the entrepreneur restart an activity after an interruption of less than one year but with a change of activity ;
  • take over by a legal unit newly registered of all or part of another legal units activities and production factors where there is no economic continuity between the two units.

It is considered that there is no economic continuity of the legal unit if out of the three following components concerning the company's head office, at least two are modified during the takeover: the legal unit controlling the company, the economic activity, and the location.

Since data relative to January 2009, following the enforcement of "auto-entrepreneur" status (renamed "micro-entrepreneur" since December 19, 2014), enterprises births statistics include the registrations registered in Sirene under this status.This counting does not include the entrepreneurs already active before January 1st, 2009 who requested, in exceptional title by March 31st, 2009, at the latest, to benefit from the micro-social system and from the fiscal payment in full discharge for 2009.

The business creation statistics cover all market activities other than agriculture.


The statistics of enterprise birth covers all the trade activities except agriculture.